Elmore James The Final Sessions: New York 1963 Формат: Audio CD (DigiPack) Дистрибьюторы: Концерн "Группа Союз", Artistry Music Limited Великобритания Лицензионные товары инфо 13772z.

Ремастированное издание, содержит небольшой буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском языке Содержание 1 My Baby's Gone 2 Find My Kinda Woman 3 Look On Yonder Wall (Look Up On The Wall) бьрйр 4 Dust My Broom 5 It Hurts Me Too 6 Pickin' The Blues (Manhattan Slide) 7 Everyday I Have The Blues 8 I Have A Right To Love My Baby 9 Twelve Year Old Boy 10 Got To Move (She's Got To Go) 11 I Gotta Go Now 12 Talk To Me Baby (I Can'tвйшыо Hold Out) 13 Make My Dreams Come True 14 Hand In Hand (Take 4) 15 Can't Stop Loving My Baby 16 Dust My Broom 17 Elmore Jumps One (Up Jumped Elmore) / Black Snake Slide 18 I Believe 19 Hand In Hand (Take 1) 20 Find My Kind Of Woman (Take 1) 21 Hand In Hand (Take 3) 22 Back In Mississippi (Conversation) Исполнитель Элмор Джеймс Elmore James.

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